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Teeny Tiny Changes To Lose Weight Faster

“Oops, diet over”- this is what we say to ourselves when we grab a cookie, a cupcake, or our favorite ice-cream while on a voyage to lose weight. Whoever says to lose weight is easy, definitely is lying. It actually requires commitment, iron will power and hard work. But it is not strenuous either if …

9 Ways To Detox Your Body Naturally At Home

With our busy schedules, we often indulge in unhealthy habits that give rise to many health issues like fatigue, bloating, skin problems, aches, and pains. This happens because we start to accumulate harmful substances in our bodies which are called toxins. And we keep on feeling the same until these toxins are eliminated from our …

A 30-Minute workout that everyone should practice

You may give all reasons for not working out like a super busy schedule, long travel distance, lack of time, and the list never ends.  But if you want a quality life, take your fitness seriously and start moving your body. A regular workout regimen will increase your fitness level. You don’t need to set …